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Somersets Guide: Women’s shaving tips

Follow Somersets shaving tips for women to get a silky smooth shave

When it comes to shaving the big razor companies have spent untold millions trying to convince us that we need expensive, bigger, better razors with more blades. This is a myth. Yes you do need a clean, sharp blade however it is the preparation, and specifically your choice of lubricating and protective shave prep, that makes the real difference.

Running and razor blades over skin with no lubrication hurts and using a drying soap on your skin is just not going to be as effective as a product specifically formulated for the task of shaving. Somersets Shaving Oils use only 100% natural ingredients and essential oils – they are designed to provide amazing lubrication and glide for your razor blade, protecting your skin and leaving it feeling silky smooth to the touch, supple, refreshed and moisturized with no nicks, irritation or tightness.

Follow our guide below and take your skin to a better (and beautifully smooth) place!

1: Ideally shave in shower
Hair that is thoroughly wet is three times easier to shave than dry hair – so try shaving during a shower or bath. Once a week use a gentle exfoliator on your skin as this helps prevent in-growing hairs (this is when a hair curls and starts growing back under the skin instead of outwards). If you have sensitive skin then try shaving in the evening so it can recover from the stress of shaving overnight.

2: Apply Somersets Shaving Oil
Apply 3-5 drops of Shaving Oil per leg, 1-2 drops for each underarm and 3-5 drops for the bikini area. Thoroughly massage in, this raise and prepare your hair for shaving. Don’t use too much oil as this can cause your razor to clog.

3: During the shave
Use a clean and sharp blade – blunted blades are a major cause of irritation. Don’t press your razor down too hard as this can cause razor burn, let the blades do the work for you. Rinse your razor frequently and remember to keep your skin moist as this helps our Shaving Oils do their magic.

4: Shaving your legs
Apply 3-5 drops of Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil per leg. Begin shaving at your ankles, don’t rush, gently run the razor up your leg in one smooth, clean stroke. Areas where bones are close to the surface are prone to nicks and cuts so take your time and shave carefully around these areas. Try flexing your ankle and knee when you shave behind it so you skin is stretched and taught when the blade goes over.

Quick Shave’n’Go Tip: If you are in a hurry you can use Somersets Shaving Oil on your legs with no water (great for that last minute unplanned beach trip). Simply smooth 4-5 drops on your leg and shave carefully.

Somersets moisturising Shaving Oils help keep your skin supple

5: Shaving your underarms
Apply 1-2 drops of Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil per underarm. As your underarm hair grows in several directions you will need shave in different directions so use one hand to pull your skin taught whilst you shave. If necessary apply another drop or tow of oil if you are shaving over the same area several times.

6: Shaving your bikini area
Apply 3-5 drops of Somersets Extra Delicate Shaving Oil – this has been specially formulated for the more delicate skin and the coarser hair. When shaving again gently pull the skin taught with your free hand to encourage the hairs to stand up and for a smooth shaving surface. Try and shave in the direction of your hair’s growth to reduce the chance of irritation or razor bumps. As ever, don’t rush and don’t press too hard, especially in this more sensitive area, let the blades take the strain.

7: Afterwards
Rinse your skin thoroughly in fresh, clean water. Pat your skin dry, don’t rub. Immediately after shaving your skin is especially vulnerable to irritation, so before applying deodorant, perfume or going swimming / to the gym, wait half-an-hour or so to let you pores close and for your skin to calm down.

Our Shaving Oils are moisturizing so they will leave your skin supple and soft. If you wish, apply a non-perfumed (or very lightly perfumed) moisturiser to help lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated.

Somersets helps your razor glide

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