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Wholesale Enquiries for Somersets in the USA

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Small packaging. Yet a big opportunity.
Somersets Original Shaving Oil was introduced in 1991. Designed in Henley-upon-Thames, England, it’s packed full of 100% natural essential oils providing a revolutionary shave experience and up to 90 shaves from one small ‘bullet’ pack. Ranked #1 product buy on Yahoo Shine Shopping and featured as a “must have” oil on NBC’s Today Show, Somersets is now available in 18 countries.

Constant innovation and research has resulted in a complete shaving and skincare range for men and women including several Shaving Oil and Gel variants, pre-shave pace wash, exfoliating face scrub, post-shave balm and SPF15 moisturiser.

If you are a retailer and wish to offer your customers a close, comfortable and 100% natural shaving experience, then please contact us today.

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