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Somersets Guide: How to improve your skin’s condition

Somersets guide to getting great skin

Taking pride in looking after your face isn’t just for women anymore. It’s taken men a while to catch up however we’ve finally realised that it’s just as important for us to have great skin.

They say that when someone goes for a job interview, their potential employers make up their minds within the first few seconds, so first impressions make a big difference! We don’t promise that our Somersets skin grooming routine will get you that dream job however looking your best may just give you a head start...

Men’s skin is oilier than women’s, so helping yourself to your partner’s products won’t do the job. Men also need something that will properly prepare our skin for shaving as well as removing grease and grime, and clearing blocked pores. A regular investment of a few minutes every day will make a difference and improve your skin so let’s start now.

1: Daily cleanse with a facial wash
Start your routine with Somersets Refreshing Face Wash for men. Made with American Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil to help prevent blemishes plus organic Aloe Vera to soothe, it will leave your skin clean and refreshed. It’s gentle enough to use twice a day – so for best results use every morning and evening.

2: Deep cleanse with a facial scrub
Exfoliating twice week removes dead skin cells which dull the complexion and reveals fresher, younger-looking skin. Somersets Detoxifying Face Scrub contains Jojoba beads that gently removes first and excess oils and won’t irritate your skin. Regular use helps prevent ingrowing hairs and helps prepare your skin can stubble for a comfortable shave.

Cleanse your face twice a day with a quality face wash

3: Use natural shaving products
Traditional foam based shaving preps can dry out your skin so upgrade to 100% natural shaving oils or gels that care for your skin – and consider following Somersets’ guide to the perfect shave.

4: Post-shave apply a balm
Not to be confused with aftershave – this is much better for your skin as it does not contain any alcohol that can irritate recently shaved skin. Somersets Razor Repair Post-Shave Balm with soothing Chilean Reship Seed Oil helps heal the skin and calm any redness or irritation caused by shaving as well as restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance. 

5: Moisturise regularly
It’s not just for women! Skin loses moisture, especially as we age so an effective moisturiser will condition the skin and help protect it from the elements. Somersets Replenishing Moisturiser with SPF15 promotes healthy-looking skin and defends it from UV rays, even on cloudy days. Apply in the morning and at night, after shaving or washing, or as you feel you need it to keep your skin supple, hydrated and feeling great. 

Apply a Balm or Moisturiser after washing or shaving

Somersets skincare range formulated especially for men