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Somersets Guide: How to get the perfect shave

How to get the perfect shave by Somersets USA

To get the perfect shave you just need to follow Somersets guide below. We would also suggest that our quality natural shaving range and post-shave skincare products can ensure you look and feel your very best whilst helping avoid razor burn, bumps and irritation. 

1: Look after your skin
Let’s face it, shaving is an invasive activity. Applying a sharp metal blade to your skin not only cuts hairs but it also removes microscopic layers of skin and can cause irritation. Contrary to uninformed opinions, you shouldn’t need to abuse your skin to get a close shave.

2: Prepare by cleansing and exfoliating
Start by ensuring your stubble is washed in warm water prior to shaving with Somersets Face Wash. Once or twice a week use our gentle exfoliating Face Scrub – this will help open pores, prime follicles and raise your stubble for a closer shave. Exfoliation removes dead cells and impurities that can cause spots, ingrown hairs, razor bumps and infection. It will also smooth and renew your skin’s tone.

3: Using your razor
Ensure your blade is sharp and clean. You may need to discard shaving blades after four or five uses – unfortunately, many don’t stay sharp enough for more than that. For great results, invest in a fog-free mirror and try shaving in a warm bath or shower. Apply your Somersets Shave Oil or Gel as per the instructions on the pack. When you shave do so slowly and gently in the direction of your hair’s growth to minimise any irritation. Don’t put too much pressure on the blade – this can cause razor rash – sharp clean blades should do the work for you. Rinse your blade at frequent intervals to keep it clean and help prevent clogging. After you have finished, ensure you rinse off all the remaining Oil or Gel with clean water and then pat your skin dry – do not rub. Allow your razor blades to dry naturally before storing to prolong their life.

Get the perfect shave with Somersets Shaving Oils and Gels

4: Keep it natural
Avoid anything that tingles, stings or numbs during or after shaving as this is when your skin is especially vulnerable to irritants that can damage your skin and create microscopic swelling. Stay away from alcohol, Sodium Laureate Sulphate petroleum based ingredients and Parabens. So let your skin calm down before applying aftershave.

5: Moisturise and protect
Don’t skip this step; it is important to calm irritation and balance your skin’s moisture content with soothing and anti-inflammatory products like Somersets Post-Shave Razor Repair Balm or Replenishing Moisturiser. They will help reduce any redness and rehydrate your skin leaving it smooth and supple, not dry and tight.

Bonus tip: For a super-close result, you can try shaving in two steps – first lightly shaving in the direction of your hair’s growth (with the grain), then re-apply your Somersets Oil or Gel and shave a second time in the opposite direction of your hair’s growth (against the grain). Another variation on this is to first apply a Somersets Shaving Oil, then apply one of our Shave Gels on-top and shave normally. Whatever method you choose, it is especially important to apply a Somersets Post-Shave Balm or Moisturiser afterwards.

After shaving pat your skin dry and use a Somersets Moisturiser or Balm

Get the perfect shave with Somersets Shaving Oils and Gels