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A Primer on the Proper Way to Shave

Dragging a razor-sharp blade across the skin is bound to make anyone a little uncomfortable. Which is why mankind invented shaving products to ease the pain and irritation.

But aerosol creams and other solutions, while somewhat effective, also contain chemicals that damage the environment—not to mention your skin.

Somersets is a blend of 100% natural ingredients derived from plants, whose essential oils lubricate and soothe the skin. For a cleaner, smoother, more invigorating shave. Without harming the environment—or you.

Shaving with Somersets

By lubricating your blade, Somersets will prolong its life. But you should still replace it after four or five uses since the sharper the blade, the closer the shave.

Start with a gentle face scrub to exfoliate, open pores and prime the hair follicles for shaving.

Squeeze a few drops of Somersets (in most cases three will do the trick) into the palm of your hand and massage into your beard.

Shave as you normally would, using gentle strokes and
minimal pressure on the blade.

We recommend Somersets post-shave balm or moisturiser
to calm any irritation, balance your skin's moisture content and
prevent in-grown hairs or clogged pores.

For an even closer shave, use very light pressure with the
grain, then re-apply Somersets and shave against the grain.